Wealth Strategy

Wealth Strategy includes designing and implementing wealth transfer and wealth preservation plans through goals based, tax efficient strategies. We work closely with clients to understand what matters most to them, what they want to teach their children, and what legacy they want to create. Partnering with outside advisors to design and implement customized wealth transfer strategies is the key to successful wealth strategy.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Our wealth strategy experts share insights on design and implementation of sophisticated strategies so that your estate is structured to carry out your personal goals. We seek ways to minimize your exposure to wealth transfer taxes as well as preserve and protect your assets. A coordinated strategy is essential to the success of your wealth plan.

Business Planning

We engage business owners in a holistic dialogue centered around achieving tax efficiency, business continuity and life after exiting the business. Working closely with you we gain an understanding of what matters most in the transition of your business during your lifetime and at death. We know that securing your family legacy or that your enterprise continues to thrive post-sale may be just as important as achieving tax efficiency.

Tax Planning

Minimizing your exposure to taxes and maximizing cash flow so that you maintain your lifestyle is an important focus of the wealth strategy process. Thoughtful consideration is given to your personal goals, the make up of your net worth, and the cash flow needs of your family.


Our approach to planning for charitable giving is to understand the legacy you want to create through giving, the level of influence desired over the gift, and your time horizon. Designing a strategy to effectuate tax efficient transfers while maintaining control over the gifts can be complicated.

Insurance Planning

Understanding and implementing the proper insurance protection is key to safeguarding your wealth. Alongside third party insurance professionals, we guide clients through reviewing and analyzing the appropriate coverage to protect wealth. In addition to maintaining the proper coverage, it is critical the coverage is owned under the proper structure and identifies the correct beneficiary.

Family Wealth Education

Successful preservation of family wealth is one of the greatest challenges facing families of significant wealth. We assist families in preserving and protecting their family legacy by empowering family members with knowledge of wealth structure, investments, tax impact, and family values. 
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