Private Banking

MB Financial Bank's experienced private bankers provide unbiased advice designed to help our clients achieve their financial goals.


Advisory Services

Our Private Bankers lead and coordinate a team of MB’s financial experts offering a comprehensive approach to providing customized solutions to our clients. The experience is enhanced by our efforts to create relationships based upon a deep understanding of their concerns and/or wishes.

We'll begin with a simple conversation about the individual’s or family goals. We might focus on how much longer they want to work, their estimated spending need during retirement, the sort of legacy they plan to leave their children or a desired charity. When working with business owners, we'll typically focus on succession planning for the business in order to provide a smooth, tax-efficient transition* to senior managers or the next generation in the family, or perhaps an outright sale to a third party.

We believe that by getting to know our clients and their families, we are best positioned to pro-actively deliver non-preferential solutions to them, whether building, preserving or transitioning their wealth. Our local experienced bankers have the resources and experience to partner with our clients and their legal and tax advisors to put together a comprehensive plan that provides the best opportunity to meet their long term goals.


The best solution is often the simplest. We look at our client’s liquidity and talk about the various purposes it serves. Once we understand the short and long term need for liquidity, our private bankers work to put together a plan to optimize return, minimize risk and maximize FDIC insurance for deposits. MB’s private bankers provide a live, local customer service team to help with account servicing such as account openings, transfers between accounts and wire transfers.


Credit is a common part of our client’s balance sheet. We know that it is important to ensure that the appropriate products, structures and amounts are used to optimize our client’s cash flow and liquidity needs. Our private banking team will bring a variety of solutions to the table including traditional mortgages, construction loans, home equity lines of credit and customized solutions including stock secured loans, lines of credit and letters of credit to meet their financing needs.footnote


*IRS Circular 230 Disclosure: To the extent that this page concerns tax matters, it is not intended to be used and cannot be used by a taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed by law. Back to top

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