Personal Trust & Estate Settlement Services

Personal Trust Administration

Creating your legacy of wealth

Trusts established by a family during life and at death are a central part of a family’s plan to transfer wealth and extend its financial legacy over a period of time, often spanning multiple generations. Therefore, making the right choice for your family when entrusting your legacy to a trustee is extremely important. A trustee must manage the fiduciary, investment, legal, tax and family issues at play in administering a trust appropriately over time to achieve a family’s purpose. Effective trust administration calls for a high level of expertise in these areas, all of which reside with MB.

MB provides trust administration services for revocable and irrevocable personal trusts, charitable trusts and private foundations created under the terms of a trust agreement or will, and each personal trust has a dedicated team comprised of both trust and investment professionals. These professionals coordinate effective management of all trust issues, while working closely with the trust’s beneficiaries to understand their individual needs.

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Estate Settlement

Transitioning your legacy of wealth

The administration of your estate at your death is a deeply complex process that impacts your family and others during a season of loss. MB works closely with your family as executor, trustee or agent, to administer your estate effectively and according to your wishes. MB is committed to providing care, technical expertise, and continuing communication with your family during this important and sensitive time of transition.

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Maintaining your legacy of wealth

As a trustee, executor or agent, MB understands its role and deep impact on a family and its desired legacy. Effective and caring stewardship of that legacy is a responsibility that is deeply ingrained in MB’s corporate values.   

This information is not intended to be legal, investment or tax advice and should not be relied upon. MB Financial Bank, N.A. and its affiliates do not provide legal or tax advice. You should review your particular circumstances with your legal and tax advisors. 

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