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MB’s Asset Management and Trust Group presents highlights of recent economic news and market activity.

Latest Market Brief

June 2016
Market Brief Edition IV, 2016: Here we go again?
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Latest Quarterly Market Insights

July 22, 2016
Quarterly Market Insights: Second Quarter, 2016
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Market Brief archive

May 2016
Market Brief Edition III, 2016: Pulse Check
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March 2016
Market Brief Edition II, 2016: Roller coasters, discounts and stocks
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February 2016
Market Brief Edition 1, 2016: It's Oil! It's China!
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December 2015
Market Brief: Hike Histories
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November 2015
Market Brief: Hike Hysteria
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September 2015
Market Brief: Did the bubble in Chinese stocks just pop?
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August 2015
Market Brief: A Summer Sequel - The NASDAQ at 5,000
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June 2015
Market Brief: The NASDAQ at 5,000 - A 15-Year Round Trip
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March 2015
Market Brief: Where in the world is the first sign of inflation?
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February 18, 2015
Market Brief: When will the markets get back to normal?
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Quarterly Market Insights archive

First Quarter 2016
Quarterly Market Insights: First Quarter, 2016
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Fourth Quarter 2015
Quarterly Market Insights: Fourth Quarter, 2015
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Third Quarter 2015
Quarterly Market Insights: Third Quarter, 2015
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Second Quarter 2015
Quarterly Market Insights: Second Quarter, 2015
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First Quarter, 2015
Quarterly Market Insights: First Quarter, 2015
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