Guardianships of Estates & Special Needs Trusts

Customized services to protect the assets of adults and children with special needs.

Each guardianship of an estate and special needs trust requires sensitivity to the unique needs of that family member with special needs, balanced with the expertise necessary to properly manage that individual’s estate or trust for his or her benefit.  Special needs trusts must be designed and administered so that the beneficiary is not disqualified from helpful government programs such as Social Security and Medicaid, while Guardianships require the ability to work closely with state courts over time to best benefit the family member.

With a keen understanding of both the human and the financial needs associated with these special circumstances, MB Financial Bank’s fiduciary advisors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the administration of MB guardianships and special needs trusts.

Customized Administration

The needs of each individual are different

Depending on the needs of the individual and the family, MB’s services may include:

  • Administration and counsel by a professional experienced with children with special needs and disabled adults
  • Coordination between MB as guardian or trustee, the attorney and the courts
  • Impartial management by an unbiased professional
  • Prompt collection of receivables due to an estate or trust 
  • Record keeping and preparation of court accountings
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Bill payment
  • Medical insurance claim filing
  • Asset collection and custody
  • Investment management
  • Income and transfer tax planning
  • Real estate and other special asset management

This information is not intended to be legal, investment or tax advice and should not be relied upon. MB Financial Bank, N.A. and its affiliates do not provide legal or tax advice. You should review your particular circumstances with your legal and tax advisors. 

Any investments purchased or sold are not deposit accounts and are not endorsed by or insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), are not obligations of MB Financial Bank, N.A., are not guaranteed by MB Financial Bank, N.A. or any other entity and involve investment risk, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. 


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