Managing the receipt of payments and cash can be complicated. We have the products and services your business needs to ensure your money gets where it needs to go quickly, securely and conveniently.

MB Remote Cash Express

Keep employees safe by eliminating trips to the bank and preventing access to safe contents while efficiently managing your cash with provisional credit on funds deposited in the safe. Your employees deposit cash from the register into the secure, intelligent safe throughout the day. MB posts provisional credit after the end of your day, while the cash remains in the safe on your premises.


Collect funds faster by directing mail payments straight to a P.O. Box accessible by MB. It’s an automated and efficient way to collect and track a large number of payments for both wholesale and retail businesses.

ACH Collections

Accelerate your receivables with this low-cost electronic collection solution for one-time and recurring consumer and corporate receipts. You will have enhanced permissions and user controls, valuable reports with audit trails and flexible origination options.

MB Deposit Express

You can scan, submit and deposit checks electronically without ever leaving your desk with this convenient online tool.

Currency Vault

If you require the ability to process large amounts of cash, we’ll help you set up vault services in conjunction with your MB Corporate Business Checking account. It’s a secure way to transport order and deposit cash. This can simplify ordering currency for recurring orders, provide details on deposit changes and provide tracking for deposits from multiple locations.