Guard My Card

Guard My Card1 is a service that allows MB to pay overdrafts caused by your ATM and everyday debit card transactions. 


  • $37 Overdraft Fee is charged for each transaction overdrawing your account. Limit of 5 Overdraft Fees per day.
  • There is no Overdraft Fee if your account is overdrawn by $10 or less.
  • A $6.50 Continuous Day Overdraft Fee is charged each calendar day (including weekends and holidays) that your account balance is negative. (Up to 16 consecutive calendar days)
  • If you do not make your available balance positive by the end of the business on the day your overdraft occurs, you will also be charged the Continuous Daily Fee for the day that your account balance became negative.  
  • No extra cost to enroll.

If you do not sign up for Guard My Card, everyday ATM and debit card transactions that would overdraw your account will be declined. Meaning you will avoid Overdraft Fees related to the transaction. 

How to Enroll

Stop by one of our banking centers to enroll in Guard My Card. 


1-This service does not apply to MB Basic Checking and MB High Five Checking. You must read the Guard My Card Terms and Conditions (PDF) before signing up for this service.