North Center

Alicia Sanchez

Processor, Mortgage
NMLS ID 727024

Alicia’s passion for the mortgage industry began with her childhood home, which inspired and informed her in the many roles and responsibilities involved with sustainable home ownership.

Alicia received her Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a concentration in Real Estate from DePaul University. In addition to her academic background, Alicia has over 20 years of experience in the industry and previously owned a real estate company, where she specialized in first time homebuyers.

Alicia has been a member of the Chicago Association of Realtors, Illinois Association of Realtors, and after taking some real estate courses in Mexico, became a member of AMPI (Mexican Association of Professional Realtors). Alicia’s interests and hobbies include donating her time to the Make a Wish Foundation and Universidad Popular, a non-profit organization focused on educating local residents on improving community life. Alicia enjoys reading, watching professional football, and spending time with her family.