Bill Stapel


Bill Stapel

SVP, MB Business Capital

Bill Stapel is a senior vice president for MB Business Capital and is involved with many aspects of the asset based lending business. From 2009 until the merger with MB in 2014, Stapel was group senior vice president of Cole Taylor Business Capital. In addition to updating Cole Taylor Bank’s asset based lending policy, Stapel authored Cole Taylor Business Capital’s white paper on retail lending and is responsible for that product line. He also underwrites and manages the Bank's investments in SBIC licensed mezzanine funds and manages an asset based lending portfolio.

Stapel has more than 25 years of experience in commercial banking and asset based financing, particularly in the field of credit administration, policies and procedures. Stapel began his career as an auditor with Heller Financial before accepting a position with StanChart Business Credit, which was eventually acquired by LaSalle Bank. At LaSalle, he served as first vice president for its asset based lending unit, LaSalle Business Credit, and then as senior vice president of LaSalle Bank, where he was the ABL credit officer and voting member of LaSalle Bank’s loan committees. When LaSalle was acquired by Bank of America in 2007, Stapel remained in the Risk function as one of the regional risk executives for Bank of America’s asset based lending unit, a position he held until joining Cole Taylor Business Capital.

Stapel is a board member of Kitz & Pfeil, a Wisconsin-based chain of retail hardware stores.

He is a graduate of University of Wisconsin (Madison) School of Business.

All business carried on in Canada is carried on by MB Business Capital Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of MB Financial Bank and is licensed to use the trademark “MB Financial” and “MB Business Capital”.