Risk and Fraud Mitigation

You take care of your business. MB provides the tools that give you the proper controls to combat fraud, delivering solutions that can mitigate the risk around your payments and transactions.
Extra protection by paying only authorized ACH transactions Our solution
Extra protection by paying only authorized ACH transactions ACH Positive Pay
Pay only approved checks Check Positive Pay
Get state-of-the-art security against fraud Online protection
Protect your online banking activities from fraudulent attacks Trusteer Rapport

ACH Positive Pay

With ACH Positive Pay, you can protect your account from fraudulent ACH transactions while maintaining control over authorized payments. You will have the opportunity to review all blocked items before the ACH is returned.

Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay allows you to reduce the risk of loss due to payment of unauthorized checks. With Check Positive Pay, MB monitors and compares every check against a file of approved checks, and pays only the approved checks.

Online Protection

Your account is protected against unauthorized entry with state-of-the-art security technology. All transactions are encrypted so they cannot be read via the Internet, and your account is protected with a multi-layered approach with strong authentication requirements.

Trusteer Rapport

This downloadable security tool protects your MB Web Express browser session by blocking malware designed to compromise user credentials and facilitate fraudulent transactions. Use Trusteer Rapport in conjunction with your anti-virus software to add multiple levels of security.

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