Information Management

MB offers secure online tools to provide you with detailed insight and access into your internationally focused accounts. Here are a couple of our state-of-the-art online services.

MB FX Express™

This user-friendly system will help you access your foreign currency accounts to make payments and view balances online. It will streamline the process of your international wire transfers in foreign currency, store templates, allow you to run reports and provides you with access to an audit trail.

With MB FX Express, you can also create single or multiple payments by splitting a deal, schedule payments and defer payments to apply the exchange rate at a later date, all with one simple click.

MB Trade Express™

This online portal enables customer access to trade services including the ability to initiate and amend letters of credit and track collections.

For importers, MB Trade Express™ allows you to:

  • Issue and amend import letters of credit and international standby letters of credit
  • Track outstanding and settled import collections, whether the transactions involve unpaid time drafts, or are already paid
  • Access historical information

For exporters, MB Trade Express™ enables you to:

  • Initiate export documentary collections and indirect collections letters online, accelerating the remittance of documents directly to the bank of the foreign buyer
  • Process direct collections
  • Forward any letters of credit from other advising banks, where the letters of credit indicate “freely negotiable”
  • Track all export transactions online 24/7
  • Log in any export letters of credit as advising bank