Bridge To Canada

If you are considering or are already doing business in Canada and need to manage receivables, you can have a presence in Canada without the need for resources such as offices, staff or foreign exchange expertise. MB’s Bridge to Canada will enhance your competitive edge and expand your international capabilities.

Through our correspondent partnership with Royal Bank of Canada, MB Financial Bank can manage and provide you with a complete line of banking services in Canada.

Our Services

  • CAD dollar account in Canada
  • USD dollar account in Canada
  • Wire transfers in Canada
  • Check writing
  • Lockbox with online viewing of images
  • Real-time online platform to manage your accounts
  • Canadian ACH for payments and pre-authorized debits
  • Canadian tax filing payments
  • Canadian check deposits

Your Benefits

  • Improved cash management
  • Faster settlement of receivables in Canada
  • Real-time balance and transaction reporting
  • Avoid unnecessary currency conversions by holding Canadian dollars and re-spending them in Canada
  • Easy conversion of funds to your MB DDA account