Correspondent Banking

MB’s Correspondent Banking team is comprised of experienced professionals focused on providing bank holding companies and banks with consultative solutions to their financing and operational needs. Services include:


  • Bank Holding Company Revolving and Term Facilities
  • Fed Funds (Buy and Sell)


  • Trade letters of credit
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Standby letters of credit
  • Foreign check clearing
  • International wires
  • Bridge to Canada

Capital Markets

  • Syndications
  • Interest Rate Swaps: Bank balance sheet and client level

Treasury Management

  • Image cash letter
  • Currency/Vault
  • Lockbox
  • ACH/Wires
  • Commercial Card
  • Fed Settlement
  • Inclearing Intercept
  • Web-based information reporting

Wealth Management

  • Wealth Management Advisory
  • 401K
  • Investment Advisory Services/Marketing Support

Leasing Solutions

  • Bank and client level

Asset-based Lending Support