DCEO Advantage Illinois Participation Loan Program

To help small businesses grow, MB offers this program in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Development Opportunity (DCEO).

The DCEO Advantage Illinois Participation Loan Program offers a below market, fixed-interest rate and can be used for start-up costs, working capital, business procurement, franchise fees, equipment, and inventory, as well as the purchase, construction, renovation, or tenant improvements. To be eligible the loan must be used for an active business operation, rather than simply real estate investment. Maximum term is 10 years.


  • The maximum support is 25% of the project or 50% of the loan or $2 million (whichever is less)
  • Limited to businesses with 750 or fewer employees


  • May be tied to the SBA 504 program, with its low down payment requirements, to expand the business while conserving capital
  • Short and simple documentation
  • Below market, fixed-interest rate