MB Mastercard® Multi Card

Reaching your long-term and day-to-day corporate goals is directly related to the efficiency and control of your payables. With the increased power of working capital that comes with that efficiency and control, you can concentrate on the growth and financial health of your company. And with simplified procedures, your employees can concentrate on their performance, not paperwork.

Here is one credit card that delivers all those benefits: MB MasterCard® Multi Card for purchasing, travel and entertainment, and fleet expenses.

From paper to MB Mastercard® Multi Card, you see savings from the first expense cycle

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced cost of errors
  • Time saved (and redeployed) by staff who no longer use manual processes
  • Paper, check and postage costs
  • Avoid late payments

When you add up the costs of traditional paper payment systems, then compare them to the MB Mastercard Multi Card, you can save up to 76%.*

From separate cards for separate functions, the move to MB Mastercard Multi Card can achieve significant savings

  • Implement and maintain a single system
  • Train your employees just once
  • Enhance negotiating power with preferred vendors
  • Save employees' time for expense reporting on a single system

Ready to find out more?

To learn how MB can help meet your organization's payment needs, please contact us at CommercialCards@mbfinancial.com.

Mastercard® is a registered trademark of Mastercard® International Incorporated. 

*Nilson 2013