MB History

Since 1911, MB Financial Bank has had deep roots in Chicago banking history. Starting out, Mid-City National Bank was founded in 1911 by a group of Chicago businessmen who met in an office at the Union Stockyards.

The retired Chairman of the Board of MB Financial, Inc., Edward Morris Bakwin, is the grandson of Edward Morris, who was the leader of this group. (Mr. Bakwin is also the great-grandson of two of Chicago’s early meatpacking titans, Nelson Morris and Gustavus Swift, so you can see the connection to the Stockyards). At this historic meeting, the lease was approved for office space in a newly constructed building at the corner of Madison and Halsted Streets in Chicago.

The bank focused on serving the needs of businesses and, through careful management and by paying close attention to its customers, was able to survive The Great Depression. The first officer calling program for the bank dates back to 1932.

Two years later, Manufacturers Bank opened its doors at Ashland Avenue and Division Street to the West Town/Wicker Park neighborhoods of Chicago. It was a financial institution steeped in traditional banking values including close customer relationships, prudent lending and local community involvement. Over time, they established a reputation for making significant loans quickly and without red tape to trusted customers.

Both banks thrived over the years and, in 2001, two of Chicago’s oldest middle-market, community-focused banking institutions merged to create MB Financial Bank, N.A.

The combination of Manufacturers and Mid-City has created a new, more powerful banking and financial services company. It is now one of the largest independent banks in the Chicago area focused on serving middle-market businesses.

MB’s customers benefit from a wider variety of financial products and services delivered through an expanded network of banking centers. In addition, because the bank is locally-owned and operated, MB responds quickly and with a personal touch. Experienced bankers are committed to providing attentive, results-oriented service.

MB Financial Bank is proud to continue its long-standing tradition of providing outstanding relationship banking services.