Online Banking Bill Pay FAQ

General Questions
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Bill pay is unlimited and free on all of our consumer checking accounts.
Per transaction fees for business accounts vary.

Please call the Telephone Banking Center at 1.888.i bank mb (1.888.422.6562) or log into Internet banking to update your email address.

To activate bill pay, you’ll need to be enrolled in the Internet banking service. Once signed into your account, click the “Pay Bills” tab and then “Activate Bill Pay.”

Please read and agree to our Bill Pay Terms and Conditions before you activate bill pay.
You’ll need a personal checking, small business checking, or money market. The account cannot require multiple signatures.

Minors are eligible to use online bill pay with their MB High Five Checking Account if they have an adult co-owner.
No; please use the “Transfer” function located within Internet banking to move money within the bank (for instance, to make a loan payment).
Please call the Telephone Banking Center at 1.888.i bank mb (1.888.422.6562) to cancel your bill pay service. Because cancellation of bill pay does not automatically cancel any payments already scheduled by you, please delete all scheduled payments before canceling bill pay.

The bill pay system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bill pay, along with Internet banking, may be unavailable at certain times for brief periods due to system maintenance.

Payments scheduled after 7 p.m., CT will be processed on the next business day. All other transactions will be processed on the current business day.

Payment Questions
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Click the “Pay Bills” tab, then click “Add a Company or Person”
To set up or make a payment, click the “Payments” tab. The Payment Center will be displayed. The payments can either be scheduled for today, a future date, or recurring.

To schedule a one-time payment, find the payee in the alphabetized list by using the scroll bar on the right of your screen. Enter the amount and select the From Account and date from the drop-down menus.

To schedule a recurring payment, click Auto Pay. Auto Pay can be found directly below the Deliver By date.
Yes, there are a few payments that can’t be made with bill pay, including international payments, government tax payments, court directed payments (such as alimony and child support), and any payment greater than $25,000.

To edit payee information, go to the Payment Center screen and click on the name of the payee you want to edit. The payee detail screen will appear. Make the needed changes and click “Save Changes.”

We verify all scheduled transactions daily at 9:00 p.m. CT, meaning you have until then to make any edits. If you are sending a same-day payment, edits can be made until 4:00 p.m. If the funds are available at that time, your bill payment will proceed.
You can check the status of your payment by going to “Payments” tab.

If you make a duplicate payment electronically, please contact the merchant and arrange to have the funds returned or applied to a future payment. Unfortunately, we’re unable to stop or refund the payment to your account after it’s sent.

The merchant will likely charge a returned check fee and mark your account negatively.

We’ll try to send payment once a day for the next 2 business days. If these attempts fail, your payment will not be made. This will only affect the current payment; all other future payments to the same merchant won’t be affected.

In some instances, Fiserv, our Bill Pay provider, may send funds on your behalf before the funds are debited from your account. If the funds are not available when Fiserv attempts to debit your account, you will owe Fiserv the amount of the payment and any applicable fees and interest.
Payee Questions
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Funds are removed from your account on the Deliver By date. Once the funds have been removed from your account, you cannot stop the payment. For assistance with previous payments, please call the Telephone Banking Center at 1.888.i bank mb (1.888.422.6562)
To delete a payee, go to the “Payees” screen and click the payee you want to delete. On the “Payee Detail” screen, click “Remove (payee name).”

Review the payee information to make sure that that is the payee you want to delete, then click the “Remove (payee name)” button. For more information on adding, deleting or changing payee information, please click the “Help” link within your bill pay session, then click “Payees.”

Please note you cannot delete a payee on the same day a payment is scheduled for that payee or before all scheduled payments have been made for that payee.

No. You’ll only need to set up your list of payees once. The only items you need to change are the amount and the Deliver By date. You can also add new payees at any time.

A payment can be rejected for several reasons, including an incomplete address or missing account number. For additional details, please contact the Telephone Banking Center at 1.888.i bank mb (1.888.422.6562).
An eBill is an electronic version of your regular billing statement or invoice from a merchant. When an eBill arrives, you will be able to view it in the Payment Center.

You will see an eBill icon in the Payment center if eBills are available for your payee.
You can set up reminders for each payee from the Payment Center. Enter in the typical due date, the amount due, and the frequency of the reminder. You can also receive email alerts for your payments and eBills.