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Electronic delivery service provides you with access to electronic account statements, notices and tax documents.

Please call the Telephone Banking Center at 1.888.i bank mb (1.888.422.6562) or log into internet banking at ibankmb.com to update your email address.

We recommend you save your electronic documents to your hard drive and keep a backup copy elsewhere.
Yes, you may request a printed document by calling the Telephone Banking Center 1.888.i bank mb (1.888.422.6562). There is a $3 charge for all duplicate document requests.
No. After you complete electronic delivery service enrollment you may receive one additional paper document, thereafter your statements will be available online to view, print and save to your computer.

Once you enroll, you will have access to up to three months of statements with canceled check images and up to three years of statements without checks. Loan account statements prior to August 22, 2012, are not available online.

Yes, you will be able to view canceled check images for the three most recent statement periods.

You will have access to up to one year of account notices. Notices prior to December 26, 2013, are not available online.

If you are not receiving email notifications please check the following:
1. Verify that your email address is correct by going to the "Manage Enrollment" tab.
2. Check to see if your email provider is filing notifications in your Spam or Junk folder. If it is, add e-statements@mbfinancial.com to your address book to ensure that notifications go to your regular Inbox.

Checking, savings, money market, and loan accounts are eligible to receive electronic statements and notices. CD’s, IRAs, and Safe Deposit Boxes are eligible to receive electronic notices only.

You can sign up by logging into your ibankmb.com internet banking and clicking on the “E-Documents” tab, and then proceeding to click on “Enroll Now.”


Notice of Returned Item
Loan Payment Notice
Past Due Notice (10 Days past due)
Past Due Notice (30 Days Past Due)
Interest Rate Change Notice
Interest Rate Review Notice (Scheduled interest rate review)
Payment Review Notice
Interest Rate Change Notice (Interest rate and/or payment adjustment)
Paid Real Estate Taxes
Safe Deposit Box Notice of Payment Due
Safe Deposit Box Payment Past Due (Past Due produced after past due 10 days)
Safe Deposit Box Payment Past Due (30 Days Past Due)
Safe Deposit Box Automatic Payment Notice
Stop Payment Request
Notice about your account (Overdraft Notice Insufficient Funds)
Notice about your account (Uncollected Funds Notice Insufficient Funds)
Excessive Transactions-Money Market
Excessive Transactions-Savings Account
Wire Transfer Notification
Certificate of Deposit Pre-Renewal Notice
Notice of Withholding (W-4P)

Please note:  the list of notices delivered electronically is subject to change at any time.

Yes, you’ll receive an email notification when your documents become available. You’ll need to log into ibankmb.com internet banking to view your electronic documents.


The following computer hardware and software are necessary to access, view, and retain Electronic Communication we make available to you:

  • A valid email address
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Apple iOS 6+, Apple OS X, Droid 3.1+
  • Modem Speed: 256 Kbps or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or higher
MB’s electronic delivery service uses the latest Internet security technology and techniques to help ensure your account information is as secure as possible. We use user authentication, data encryption, and the use of secure servers, which are designed to keep out potential intruders.